Internet mom friends are just as real as the ones in person.

I read a post the other day, it said “internet friends are not real, because you do not see them in person”

My internet mom friends are for sure real, and they are amazing. 

Back in 2009 when I was newly pregnant at 19 and had no idea what I was doing. I was scared and confused and just recently graduated. I turned to mom forums. Baby center was my place to go. At first I was there just to read, I would browse until I got the courage to finally post my introduction. 

When I finally did, it was amazing. All these moms came out of the woodwork. Telling me I was not alone and giving me advice and support left right in center. 

It was amazing, all these moms coming together from all over the world to be there for a complete mom stranger! 

4 kids later I have the most amazing best friends from around the world. We chat every day. About everything, not even just mom stuff. Their support helps me get through the toughest days. Right now more than ever since we cannot go out and hang out, they are here.  In the same boat at home with their crazy little ones just trying to get through the day. 

My internet friends have seen me through my toughest days, they have seen me through my most amazing days and vise versa, I am here for them too. 

On days where the kids are just not listening, they are driving me mental. My husband is at work and I can’t seem to catch a breath. I grab my phone and open the facebook app and tell them and “Girrrlll, same” …. I take a breath. I am not alone. They are here too. 

That virtual hug, that virtual support is enough. It is enough to help me take a step back, it’s enough to help me calm down and realize I am not alone, that other parents are going through the same things and if they are not they are still there to talk me through it because they have been there, or they are just there to listen. 

I need these women. 

It takes a village and they might not be here in person, but they are 100% here for me. These women are my virtual village. 

We all come from different backgrounds, different religions, different parents beliefs and despite all our differences, we are a tight village. 

They get me. They get that I am a little wild. They get that I swear and that’s okay. They don’t judge me if I tell them my son decided to stripe naked and wave to the neighbor, because they all die laughing and tell me their stories about their kids when they did something outrageous. 

Both my friends in person and online are amazing.

 I found my village. I found my people. I have gone through many friends over the years. I struggled with trying to fit in. I don’t need to… I have them.

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