I would not change it for the world

Are those all your kids? Yes, Yes they are! 

I get this question often.  I get the looks,  the “wow I feel sorry for you” looks.
I get a complete stranger coming up to me saying “You must have your hands full” 

Yes, yes I do, but so is my heart. 

My days are longer, my laundry room is overflowing. 
Sometimes I am so stressed that I need to take a minute in the jeep. 

I would not change it for the world. 

Even when one kid is throwing a fit in one room, another kid is dumping Lego everywhere, another kid is opening all the cupboards and not closing them, and another kid is playing their music so loud I cannot even hear myself think.

I would not change it for the world. 

Of course, I could imagine a quiet place, for at least 24 hours. On a beach with some wine and a good book. I would miss them, I would miss the loud and I would find that couple with the loud kids at the pool and sit there instead because I love the crazy. I love my crazy.

I am so grateful for everything, I am grateful for the good days and the bad days. I am grateful for their smiles and their giggles and their freak outs. They are mine. They are my tiny little humans that I made in my body. I am grateful for the scar that I have because it shows me that I survived it. This scar is a reminder of them being so close to me that they could hear my heartbeat from the inside. 

I choose this over and over again. I would choose to hear their “I love you mom” I would choose their hugs, and kisses and cuddles. I would choose to fix their boo-boos and their broken hearts. I would choose when I put them to bed and they tell me what their favorite part of the day was. 

All those days where I am honestly at my wits end, I feel like nothing went right. I feel like my kids just had a rough day just like me. They were bored, they did not like the meal I made and freaked out. Then when I hear my kids tell my parents or my husband what their favorite parts of the day were… they were all the things that I thought went wrong but they loved. All those bad days were just that days because we have plenty of other days to enjoy. 

Yes, Yes my hands are full, but so is my heart. I would not change it for the world.

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