Sometimes I miss my life before kids

Before you throw your “How dare you” listen anyone who knows me personally knows that I would do anything for my children. Honestly anything. But sometimes I feel like running away, sometimes I just feel so tired and alone.

Parenting is amazing and crazy and exhilarating all at the same time, knowing that you made the future doctors, nurses, firefighters, vets, plumbers, carpenters, landscapers.

At the same time it can be exhausting. Which I know we all feel guilty about feeling that way.

We all don’t want to talk about this part of parenting. We are all scared of being judged Or being told that we are ungrateful. I am raising these 4 beautiful children. I get the pleasure of doing this!

Honestly we all have thought this, or you will at some point. You feel like you can’t go anywhere just you. You’ll feel trapped, Always having someone there 24 7 depending on you. Sometimes I feel like I can’t be my best self because I am always tired or missing my freedom.

I miss being able to just leave the house without having to get ready 2 hours before leaving because you know the kids will take that long. I miss being able to be like “I will take a nap” or binge watch my favourite show without someone asking 29038402398423 questions.

My husband and I never have a moments peace together, and when we do we are both so tired that we can barely stay awake for a full movie. Pretty sure we watch the same movie over again because we are never able to finish it. I wonder what kind of couple we would be without kids? What would we do? Where would we be? Not sure we know each other on that level anymore.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t even remember who I was before kids. I love being a mom. But I miss being able to just say I need to get my eyebrows done and book an appointment and just go, not have to worry about maybe that money can go towards the kids, or what if the kids have something going on that day and have to schedule myself around them.

When my husband and I on a rare occasion get to go out just the 2 of us, we feel guilty that we are watching a movie, or eating in a restaurant because we know the kids would enjoy being here too.

One day the kids will be older and doing things on their own and I know that I am forever going to worry about them.

The point is, that you’re not alone, its okay to take that me time, it’s okay to feel like you don’t have it all together, its okay to miss those parts of you, it’s okay for you and your husband to go on the date!

We need to be okay with admitting those parts of parenting

You’re not a bad mom or dad for feeling this way, sometimes all this is really really hard.


There is 6 people living in this house, plus 3 dogs, plus 2 cats and a hamster… so you can imagine how often I am cleaning.

I decided now that the kids are older maybe it is time for a some chores! Before the chore chart the kids were constantly asking for things to do, or that they were bored so I would give them things to do like sweeping or cleaning their rooms or dishes. They would grumble and complain thats going to make me more bored. I found once it was on a chart and they could see which one they were doing it became easier!

If you want to get fancy with this you can! Get a billboard from the dollar store and stickers and fun markers, the more colourful and fun it is the more the kids will be interested!

For the youngest who is 4 I made the chores easier since he’s not tall enough to do most things. For example pick up the toys around the house, grab any laundry on the floor and put it in the laundry basket.

Then my 8 and 10 year olds, I put sweeping, washing the floors, empty the dish washer, put the dishes in the dish washer, wipe the counters, laundry, vacuum the bedrooms, feed the animals. I spread them out throughout the week to they all do a different chore each day but they all do every chore so there is no complaining since we all know they will find something to complain about haha except the youngest. He tries even though the broom is sooo much taller then he is! On top off these chores their rooms need to be clean that is one thing that is on there every day, since I find its important to have a clean room helps you sleep better, and the comfort of knowing that you wont fall and trip over everything once you get out of bed.

Not only does the chore chart help me, it also helps them by having some responsibility around the house. It teaches them how much better they will feel helping mommy out.

Rewards for doing the chores you are probably asking, this part is completely up to you because I know that the reward should be the fact that they are helping you out and also themselves. Some kids it is hard to get them motivated to do those types of things, so you can add if you get stickers on your whole week of doing chores you can have a treat, have a candy jar. Go to the dollar store and grab a bunch of candy and a jar and write Chore Reward Candy on the jar. Place it somewhere they can see it but high enough they wont sneak any when you’re not looking. Even money could be a reward if you are able to do that, just a dollar to put in their piggy bank! Whatever the reward it is completely up to you. It’s all in how you want to get your child motivated to do them. Even get an hour longer on the gaming system or they get to pick the movie this time for movie night!

Make it fun! Put on some music and get them to dance while they are doing the chore. Remember to let them know after they do the chore they are a big help! Thank you so much for helping!

Life got a little easier!

I am a mom with 4 kids, and finding any life hack, or any way possible to make my life just a little easier I will do it!

Going shopping has always been a hot mess for me. Making a list of things that I need, loosing the list or forgetting it at home. People in the store makes me crazy and stressed out or even if you are low are money and you go up and have to put things back. Hey I will admit I have been there! It is embarrassing!

I enjoy shopping online, Amazon, kijiji, varage sale anything possible that I don’t have to endure the stress of going to the store. Plus taking 4 kids into a store when my husband is not home just makes the stress 10 times worse because we all know kids want EVERYTHING. Hey so do I! but it can get out of hand when you say “Sorry not today” then freak out. Everyone gives you dirty looks, one person says “I would never have 4 kids” and it’s just all around horrible experience. Also having a child with ADHD and autism who doesn’t understand that “not today” doesn’t mean no it means just not right now.

One day we were in Walmart my son asked for a toy, I said “not today” and melt down, I was standing in the check out, line behind me, he decided to bolt. Now here I am trying to get him back 3 other kids line behind me everyones looking at me like I have 2 heads.

So I found a way to make my life just a little easier, grocery shopping online and let me tell you, this was a life saver ! Not only did it stop the stress, it helped me save money. WITH Walmart!

Through out the week when I run out of something that I don’t need right then and there I will add it to the list as I go and it saves it to your grocery cart. Instead of making a list that I always loose or forget I am at home making the list in my cart. I check what I need in the comfort of my home and order!

You pick a time slot whatever is convenient to you, plus it says the amount right there! no stress and worrying that will I have enough if you are on a budget! No forgetting something while you are there because you can see whats in your house while adding! If you make meal plans its easy to make it right on there by adding the to the cart what you want for the week! They will pick out all your groceries for you, email you telling you that its all picked out and when they don’t have something that you put in your cart they do their best to substitute it for something similar and the same price!

You drive up to the stops, and call the number, you tell them your name and you’re here for grocery pick up and they bring it right out to you! This is a big help when I have all 4 kids in the jeep and can’t go in.

Also guess what!!! ITS FREE! You pay for the amount of your groceries but the cost of the pick up is free!! Like shut the front door!!

Parenting is hard, life is hard really… anyway possible to make life easier.. DO IT!

Poopsie.. Sparkle Critters

Let’s talk about weird toys that are out now… I remember when I was younger you could literarily buy pet rocks… who remembers that!? For those who don’t know what I am talking about it was a rock, in a box or cage… HA! Not joking.

Now their is a animal, or creature that can POOP slime… Yup. First of all, go away with the slime toys! slime in general. All my kids talk about it “omg mom look at this you tube video about how to make slime” Yes my kids watch youtube sometimes. Judge me if you’d like

This Poopsie critter comes in a can, you pop open the can and twist the chamber and out pops these things. You can either get tiggicorn or a Kitticorn (who comes up with these names?) You give it water and it just poops out slime… I think there is one that also spits it out as well.

Slime gets EVERYWHERE… in their hair, carpet, bed, stuffies… I have found slime everywhere…

I am all for making my kids happy, this is the type of toy that they played with a couple times and then it got thrown in the closet or under the bed. That’s after they got slime on everything and hung out in the bathroom feeding it water. Then the bathroom just looked like several wet dogs shook off in it. The first 2 times they tried was a fail, the slime got stuck and it came out super watery.

I am not saying don’t buy it, i’m sure the kids would have a blast with it. I just feel like 24.95 for a toy that the kids will probably forget about after a few poops is crazy, pretty sure it’s like $80 in some places, Plus the mess… ugh the mess lol

I still have my barbie doll house and barbies that I had as a kid, with all the clothes. I brought them out for the kids to play with and their response “What do they do?” um… you dress them and walk around pretending they talk? The toys they come out with now have so many functions, and take 23094823094823409 batteries that you have to buy separate or I hear “Oh there is an app for that” and some toys are so over priced! 80 for a toy that hatches, my kids would watch it hatch then play with it a bit and thats it! I just can’t!

This is just my two cents! Now off to pour myself some coffee and grab the kids from school… Coffee first… then chaos!

Thanksgiving Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect!

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays! Christmas and Halloween follow as well… But nothing beats the smell of Turkey and stuffing and fresh baked pie! Pumpkin pie mmm….

Turkey hand print crafts on the walls, and that one Thanksgiving centre piece that has been past down for generations in the middle of your table.

Honestly whats not to love about thanksgiving!! At the same time it can be very stressful! You want everything to be perfect more so because that one judge aunt Gladdest is coming and we all know she senses when one thing is out of place.

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be perfect! Yes its great when everything falls in to place but lets face it, when does it ever! The turkey isn’t cooking as fast as you like it, the kids are screaming and running around behind you with underwear on their heads because they are super heroes from planet underwear and you plugged in the hair straightener an hour ago but to scared the pies wont be ready.

“I don’t have a lot of money to make a big thanksgiving I would like” Honestly half the time people make way to much food and sometimes it gets waisted. Buy what you can! Don’t go all crazy and buy all these things which sets you back on bills and on other things, keep it on budget!

You know what the kids will remember how amazing the food tasted, how fun it was to dress up in their sunday best, how great uncle gerry did his bird impressions. They wont remember that you forgot to put out the cherry sauce, or that the stuffing wasn’t exactly how you planned it to be and Aunt Gladdest can stuff it, because to the kids Thanksgiving was perfect!

They saw that you still have that turkey hand print they made in kindergarden and you put it out every year, they saw all their family members, their tummies are full! Probably ready to explode!

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be perfect, because to them no matter what you do its prefect for them!

Don’t stress mama, you’ve got this! But first make sure to have coffee ; )