“It’s like you’re a single mom”


My husband works long hours, but I am not a single mother.

I stay home with the kids, that is apart of our relationship. He goes to work and I take care of the kids during the day. We are a team.

Single mothers go through so much and I praise them for that. At the end of the day I have a partner that comes home and helps me. They do not. They do everything themselves.

I do not consider myself a single mother just because he isn’t home as much as I would like him to be. He makes sure that we have money and works really hard for that.

“I don’t know how you do it all, your husband works so much it’s like you’re a single mother”

No, my life is nothing like a single parent, I have a very hard working husband!

I have a partner, a teammate, that I can call onto and help me get through the day when the kids are being crazy that day, or when I am not feeling well I can ask him for help.

When he gets home, he makes sure to ask me “Is there anything you need me to do” or he goes and does his second job that he does from home.

I hope my kids know, that they have a hardworking father to make everything he can to provide for us to have a happy, healthy life.

I do crafts with the kids, take them to parks. The zoo, shopping to get bubbles and toys for outside. My husband works hard for me to make those memories.

The thing is while I am making those memories he is at work wishing that he could be here having those memories too.

Honestly to say that I am a single mother puts down all the hard work that he does for us every single day.

Yes, I do feel overwhelmed that he is not here.

When he does get home, he makes sure that he get’s those memories in as fast as he can before bedtime. Baths, plays with the kids. Outside work. Listens to the 239823094823 stories that the kids have to say. Even though he wants to sit down after a long hard day. He doesn’t.

So no. I am not a single mother. 

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