When you think of the word friendship, what other words in your head pop up?

Names of your friends, kindness, love or memories that you have shared with someone, closeness.

When you look up the word friendship it says

the emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends.a relationship between friends.a state of mutual trust and support between allied nations. Via – Google

Key word there… trust.

How many of you can sit down and think of all your friends which one can you truly trust, is it the ones you have known the longest? The ones that you just met but you know they will there for you because they are great company… How well do you really know your friends?

Growing up I had a very best friend, and I mean we did everything together, even dressed the same and cut our hair the same. Two peas in a pod we use to be called. Now once we got to high school we slowly started growing apart. We both made new friends and soon we didn’t hang out anymore. Then I got close with another group of friends. Well in my mind we were close. Then drama and boys got involved and our friendship just went out of control.  Lying, backstabbing and telling secrets that I swore I could trust them with. Turns out I couldn’t.

My dad use to tell me in your life you will have several “friends” you will go through a lot till you find the right ones that fit perfectly. The ones that stay when you are at your worst those are the ones that you keep.

As I got older I realized that friends are not the ones that are just fun to be with, friends are the ones that will be there at your best and at your worst.

Do you have friends that you make up lies to because you are just not feeling up to going out? “Sorry I can’t go out because my uncles second cousin twice removed passed away and I am just to sad to go out” or do you say “Sorry I just don’t want to go out tonight”

Do you have friends that when you tell them “Hey I don’t feel like going out tonight” and they get mad at you and tell you that you’re boring? or “Hey, no problem next time I totally get it” “Is everything okay?”

How many of you can actually say I have a friend that I truly trust to tell your deepest secrets too, friends that you know will not tell anyone?

Not many eh? Me neither. I have 3 that I know that when things get tough they wont back away, they will lend a hand where they are needed and they know when to back away and say “Hey, I am here if you need me”

This day in age real friends are hard to come by. There is so much judgement in the world that I can’t even fathom not having those 3 in my life and they have seen me at my worst! They still stick around!

I want everyone to think real hard, if your life with hitting the fan so to speak. Everything was up in smoke. Which friends would stick around? Which friends would tell you secrets to other people? Really think about it.

Life is to short, to waist your time on people that wont be there for you.

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” – Walter Winchell 

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